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Get the ZDHC InCheck report


With Ympact Platform you can check easily, quickly and accurately ZDHC level of compliance of the chemicals used in the production processes of the fashion & luxury supply chains.

Get the ZDHC InCheck report

Ympact Platform allows you to quickly verify that the chemicals in your supply chain are among those listed in the ZDHC Gateway (the database).

After uploading the chemical formulations present in your inventory, Ympact Platform gives you a clear and complete report on your level of compliance with the ZDHC MRSL.

This helps you to reduce hazardous chemicals from processes and be compliant with the ZDHC MRSL and Brand requirements.

We want to help chart the path towards cleaner and more sustainable chemical management in the fashion industry

Ympact Platform is the piece of a larger mosaic: the Roadmap to Zero, which has the mission of improving the management of chemicals in the fashion supply chains, eliminating those dangerous for the planet.

The commitment of Ympact Platform is to act as a facilitator for the achievement of this goal, offering solutions to accelerate and simplify the path towards sustainable fashion. Ympact Platform is also alligned to the 4sCHEM Supplier To Zero Implementation.

Benefits for your organization with
Ympact Platform

For Brands

Ympact Platform helps your organization to implement the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme.

You can evaluate the performance of all the suppliers in your supply chain and keep track of them in a single simple and intuitive tool, which returns you reports that are globally harmonized and compliant with ZDHC requirements.

Thanks to Ympact Platform you eliminate the waste of time and minimize the effort of human resources dedicated to collecting information from the various suppliers and you create dedicated reports to analyse your supply chain chemical performances.

Gain visibility into the chemicals used by your suppliers

Reduce the workload of resources dedicated to collecting and aggregating supply chain data

Receive accurate data from your suppliers

Simplify the reporting process on the use of chemicals in your supply chain

Improve your brand reputation, thanks to your real contribution to a sustainable chemistry with ZDHC methodology

Achieve a Brand to Zero Programme requirement

For Suppliers

Ympact Platform helps your business become a ZDHC MRSL compliant supplier by demonstrating your proactive commitment to the sustainable use of chemicals to customer brands, in accordance to the Supplier To Zero Programme requirements.

This favors the creation of a competitive advantage, earning brand trust and loyalty.

Thanks to Ympact Platform it is no longer enough to create and send unique reports to each of your customers. In fact, you monitor and report all the data requested by your customers on the use of chemicals in a single tool.

Find out if the use of chemicals used in production processes meets the requirements of ZDHC

Eliminate the time spent manually entering data and reduce the margin of error of manual input and improve the accuracy of the data sent

Improve your chemical target performance by adapting to brand requirements

Increase your bargaining strength and gain a competitive advantage over competing suppliers

Optain a score and implement in the right way the ZDHC Supplier To Zero Programme from Foundational to Progressive and Aspirational

Collect and share standardized data without having to create unique reports for each of your customers

Fast, simple, accurate.
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Ympact Platform

€ 800/year
  • Generation of ZDHC inCheck reports
  • View the supplier's chemical inventory
  • History of own InCheck reports carried out over time
  • Download and share reports with interested parties
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