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Accelerate your transformation towards sustainability

Save 50% time

Ympact is the digital platform designed to help fashion & luxury companies optimize and save time in monitoring sustainability performance throughout the supply chain.

By measuring, verifying and communicating data along the supply chain, you can enhance your commitment and win the trust of your customers in compliance with the regulations of your country.


Ympact, the solution for your performances: trace

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Find out all the benefits

01.   Collect impact measurements from real and validated data

02.  Visualize your supply chain progress in real time

03.  Achieve the 4sustainability trademark with your company

04. Gain full visibility of your supply chain and data inputs from all tiers, up to the traditionally hard to reach upstream suppliers

05. Access your sustainability dashboard and analyse the relevant data you need, when you need it

06. Achieve full compliance with regulations

Is your company a brand or a supplier?

Select the situation that describes your company to help us provide you with the information that is most useful to you

You start your path of sustainable transformation and become a 4sustainability® company

YMPACT Platform is the official enabler of the 4sustainability trademark.

4sustainability® is an innovative implementation framework and a registered trademark that measures the sustainability performance of the fashion and luxury supply chain.

You start your path of sustainable transformation and become a 4sustainability® company.

4sustainability mark

4sustainability framework

The framework The framework is already adopted by over 160 companies including brands and suppliers in the textile and fashion industry.

The framework and its 6 pillars

The framework is divided into 6 pillars developed consistently with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the priority initiatives of the Global Fashion Agenda.

Conversion to the use of lower impact materials for sustainable production.

Elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals from production cycles.

Process traceability and supply chain monitoring.

Growth of organizational well-being.

Conscious use of resources to reduce environmental impact.

Development of reuse, recycling and sustainable design practices.

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We support your business along the way

United for a sustainable transition, we support your company along the way, including with on-demand training, tutoring and dedicated consultants.


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